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Model Name FYD-U2035
Product name: VTOL fixed wing UAV
Type: Gyroplane
Place of Origin: SHENZHEN, China
Brand Name: FEIYIDA
Fuselage Layout Vertical Takeoff and Landing Fixed Wing Flying Wing Configuration
Take- off/L anding: VTOL
Material: Other
Function: Altitude Hold Mode, 3D View Mode, One Key Takeoff / Landing, With Remote Control
Operator Skill Level: Specialty
Control Type: Hand Control
Power type: Power Battery
Max. Unfolding Size Of The Whole Machine Wingspan 3500mm
Flight time. 160minutes(Load Flight 7kg)
Max. takeoff weight: 26.5kg
Safe Weight: 5-10kg
Fuselage length. 1880mm
Wind resistance rating. 5-6 Grade
Camera: No (customer’s choice for self-matching)
Max. Rain Resistance Moderate Rain
Optimal load 5-10KG
Max. Payload 12kg
Manufacturing Process Integrated Molding Of Composite Materials
Body Material Carbon fiber, glass fiber, Kevlar

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