About us

Shenzhen XQ-POWER Technology Co., LTD., founded in 2010, Our company that quality is assigned the highest priority at all stages, from product development, manufacture and service. It devotes to making the user has the perfect flight experience by developing leading-edge production.

XQ-POWER Tech is a vibrant company who makes long-term commitment to development, manufacturing and sales of industrial intelligent UAV, intelligent mechanical and electrical equipment, intelligent electronic control product, precision sensors and servos. With full of passion and innovation, the enterprise is striving to developing itself continuously.

Main products:

XQ-POWER :Servos;Brushless digital servo; Digital servo;Robot servo;RC car servo;

RC plane servo, industrial large torque servo, remote control model servo. XQ-POWER: ESC, Motor, and power control systems.

Feiyida :major in UAVs ;drone and UAV core components.

The company in line with the “quality first, customer-oriented, excellence” business philosophy, integrity as the principle, market-oriented, adhere to the strategy of continuous innovation, and strive to provide the market with novel style, serving the whole world’s Chinese brand Chinese products. In the future, XQ-POWER Tech will continue to create high-quality products that integrate technology and artistic innovation and share them with all walks of life.